Fireworks Slideshow





The 2015 display will be the Enfield District Scouts 41th year!!!!

There are about 22 people within the firework team, supported by well over one hundred dedicated people who willingly give up their free time to volunteer to make sure the event runs smoothly. ALL our people are volunteers.


The Essex Road Gate will close at 7:15pm, after this time please use the main gate to enter the park


Information on the display

This years 2 tonne firework display consists in excess of 10,000 fireworks with 1/2 ton of gunpowder, and is worth £19000, many of which are new to the display and some that are specially made just for the Enfield Town Firework Display. You can safely say that some of the fireworks you will not see anywhere else!

The firework arena is split into several sections. We have "shells" which are fireworks that are fired from special tubes which are secured in cages. These fireworks range in size from 3" to the football sized 12".

We have 4 main bays in the main arena which are the bulk of the display. These bays are laid out identically from each another and have between 30 and 50 multi-shot fireworks in each bay, all positioned so each type and variety of firework goes off simultaneously. These fireworks range from "cakes" to "Roman Candles".

We have other set piece fireworks, which generally are the only electronically operated fireworks in the display, the bulk are hand lit by our team. We have the finale pieces which are specifically produced for Enfield Town Park Display. These are the "go out with a bang" firework section of the display.

After the display we the have the not so nice task of packing all the firework cases away, along with all the equipment into several trucks. It doesn't end there, the next day we have a group that comes back into the park in daylight hours to sift through the arena area to pick up any debris that has been left behind by the fireworks that was not seen or detected by our clear up crew the previous night.

We hope this gives a brief insight into the display. We hope you enjoy this years show and thank you for supporting Enfield District Scouts.